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Industry Voices

Remote Work. Virtual Connections. New Business Habits for a 'New Normal'

It takes 66 days to form a new habit. The COVID-19 crisis has changed the way we do business for 80-plus days. Have you formed new habits in your business? 

Laurence Carr Beyond Aesthetics Setting an Outdoor Table
Laurence Carr shares the importance of setting an ambience for outdoor dining.
Setting an Eco-Friendly Outdoor Table for Summer Months

As the weather warms across the U.S., Laurence Carr shares tips for setting an outdoor table that promotes togetherness and sustainability.

Stacy Garcia's Trend Story: Natura Blends Abstract, Realism

Featuring designs inspired by uninhibited forms, colors and textures, this trend allows us to experience the essence of mother nature.

Nancy Ganzekaufer Business Coaching
Nancy Ganzekaufer shares social media strategies for interior designers.
5 Tips for Interior Design Social Media Success

Nancy Ganzekaufer shares her tips for social media success as an interior designer, including hashtags and social media planning insights!

Urbanology Designs Home Office Set up
Ginger Curtis of Urbanology Designs says tailoring your workspace can reduce distractions.
IDS Designers Share Tips for Setting Up the Home Office for Success

As we continue to shelter and work from home during the coronavirus crisis, three IDS designers share their tips for a work space that blends productivity with beauty. 

Lori Miller LGC Interior Design
Well home design includes designing for taste.
Home Design for All Five Senses

How does the design of a home impact our day-to-day health, happiness and productivity?

last look
Photo by Dustin Peck Photography
Last Look With Elizabeth O’Neal

A master suite in North Raleigh, NC, is designed to serve as a serene retreat from the everyday. 

Laurence Carr Effect of Color
How does color affect our well-being? Design: Laurence Carr. Photo: Kelly Marshall.
At Home: Enhancing Our Well-Being with Color

How do the colors of our homes affect our mood and productivity? As we shelter at home, it's time to take stock of the palettes in our spaces to promote our well-being. 

Designers Share How They Define Luxury

At a series of panels at the Dallas Total Home & Gift Market, designers offered their take on what luxury means to them and their clients.

Last Look With Sandra Asdourian

The award-winning interior designer details how she designed a family space using principles of biophilic design.

interior design business
Your attitude and your mindset will dictate your interior design business success.
7 Steps to Safeguard Your Interior Design Business

Adjusting your mindset is key to keeping your business running in a time of crisis.

Mark Richardson shares tips on surviving the coronavirus crisis.
Mark Richardson may not have a crystal ball, but he has tips for helping your business through this crisis.
Positioning for the Future...After Coronavirus

Mark Richardson, host of the podcast, Remodeling Mastery, shares his tips for staying in business during the coronavirus crisis and getting ready for success once we are through. 

Fernando Rodriguez Home Office During Coronavirus
For Fernando Rodriguez, working from home is productive and Zoom is his best friend.
Keeping Business on Course in These Challenging Times

Here in Puerto Rico, our design firm, Stewart Rodriguez, made it through Hurricane Maria and the months that life and some work was on hold. As designers, we can make it through the coronavirus crisis too. We just have to be organized and a little flexible. 

Last Look With Judy Gooch

The designer showcases the aging-in-place updates she made to a master bath in Oak Ridge, TN.

Laurence Carr discusses biophilic design
Laurence Carr discusses freshening up interiors during spring. Image courtesy: The Assemblage Park
Spring into Home Renewal with New Designs and Biophilia

Laurence Carr shares how spring is a good time to freshen your indoor space with biophilic design, especially when we are spending more time indoors as the result of the coronavirus pandemic. 

kerrie kelly tips for coronavirus survival
Kerrie Kelly Shares Tips for Staying Sane During Coronavirus Lockdown
9 Ways to Organize and Lift Spirits During the Coronavirus Crisis

Kerrie Kelly shares top tips for getting organized, battling boredom and reconnecting during the coronavirus pandemic.

Henck Design
Henck Design's outdoor space on Ave of the Arts in Philadlphia.
How Interior Designers Can Put Their Talents to Use Outdoors

Outdoors is becoming an extension of the inside of a home, so here are some tips to help designers capitalize on this often untapped space.

IDS Designer of the Year Awards
Interior Design Society 10th Annual Designer of the Year Awards are underway
IDS Designer of the Year: A Decade of Interior Design Excellence

Interior Design Society Members: Enter your favorite room in the Designer of the Year Awards for visibility and credibility!

Melissa Galt Attracting Luxury Clients
Melissa Galt Discusses Finding the Millionaire Interior Design Client
The Millionaire Next Door: Your Next Luxury Design Client

Luxury interior design clients might be closer than you think, and they are willing to spend on the design and home furnishings they value. 

mark richardson half time prep
Are you using half-time to make sure your business is running smoothly?
Are You Prepared for Your Business's Half-Time

For a business owner or leader, half-time (halfway through the year) — or for a designer, halfway through a project —  is very important. And by drawing on the analogy of professional sports, you can gain insights into how to approach this crucial elements of the game. 

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