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Pindler Launches Refined Recycle Textile Collection

The new fabric collection from Pindler uses yarns from fabric scraps and recycles them into new yarns.

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Pindler Refined Recycle Collection
The new eco-conscious Pindler fabrics include five designs.

Pindler has introduced its new, exclusive Refined Recycle Collection, which gives designers an earth-conscious option, offering fabrics made through a process that uses less energy, less water and less raw material. 
The Refined Recycle Collection is an updated yet timeless take on traditional design, featuring jacquard fabrics woven with a majority of recycled yarns, the company said. The yarns are obtained from scraps of other fabrics, such as used clothes, and then recycled into new yarns that are used to weave new beautiful fabrics. The collection includes five designs, developed to provide a perfect fit for every design scheme.

“Pindler is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year,” said Pindler’s Design Director Sarah Williamson. “The Refined Recycle Collection is just one example of how we are combining our decades of experience in the fabric industry with the demands of modern designers and their clients. We look forward to continuing to innovate and offer even more new fabrics that look amazing and help protect our planet.”

The Refined Recycle Collection is available online, as well as at Pindler’s 16 corporate showrooms and nine agent showrooms across the U.S., and two agent showrooms in Canada. 

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