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BrandJump Appoints Jolynn Wilkinson as Ecommerce Sales Manager

BrandJump, a leading e-commerce sales and marketing firm, announces a new role added to its management team, Ecommerce Sales Manager. Jolynn Wilkinson has been promoted to this new position and will…
Sustainable shopping
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Do Furniture Shoppers Care About Sustainability?

As the impacts of climate change become increasingly apparent and public discourse about the environment continues to grow, consumers are holding businesses accountable for their sustainability…
Adobestock woman signing for package
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Amazon's Impact on Consumer Shipping Expectations for Home Goods

Whether a brick-and-mortar store or an e-commerce site, retailers everywhere are competing with the Amazon Effect. This all-encompassing phrase acknowledges how the online retail giant has disrupted…
NRF Lars Peterson
IKEA U.S. President Lars Peterson spoke on how diversity and inclusion initiatives have been good for business and retaining talent.

Retail Voices

Just two years ago, industry headlines were rife with store closings, bankruptcies, mass layoffs and even media reports of zombie retailers. “I would say that retail is back, but that would be wrong…
blue chair
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Furniture Consumer Research: Mind the Gap

To get a better read on the buying public’s mindset heading into the new year, the Furniture, Lighting & Decor research team surveyed consumers across the country about what matters to them in…
An Orange Moon
An Orange Mood caters to the Mid-Century Modern-loving crowd, but customers don’t have to come into the store to see what’s available. The store’s website stays updated with what’s on the floor and what’s been sold.

Chicago Vintage Shop Helps Revitalize Business District

Rahm Emanuel may be mayor of Chicago for a few more months, but designer and shop owner Lynne McDaniel will always reign as a goddess. Her shop, An Orange Moon, specializes in vintage Mid-Century…
Phillips Collection commercial grade furniture
Phillips Collection began its move into the hospitality sector 15 years ago and today, 95 percent of the company’s product line is commercial-grade, including the Silver Riverstone tables, Reclaimed Live-Edge end tables and Lime Green Seat Belt rocking chair above.

Commercial Break

While the lines between the contract, hospitality and residential design businesses were long well-defined — some might say stark — Amanda Schneider, President of Contract Consulting Group — a…
Pexels Amazon Alexa
Photo: Pexels

Alexa, Do You Know About My Business?

In July, digital knowledge platform Yext announced it would be submitting business listings directly to Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa. Yext, which manages business information (think business names…
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