dining room lighting

Light dining room in open floor plan
With open plan living, dining rooms need to learn how to join in. Photo by Dennis Anderson.

How to Light an Open Concept Dining Room

Rethinking How We Light Dining Rooms When I was growing up, the dining room was reserved strictly for company. As a family, we always ate in the kitchen. We rarely ventured into the dining room — it…
Classic Home's Aimee dining set with two chandeliers
Every gorgeous dining table needs a great chandelier hung so just. Try this combo from Classic Home.

The Hang Over: A Guide to Dining Room Chandeliers

Avoiding white after Labor Day, “age-appropriate” dressing, less is more — so-called style rules were meant to broken. So when the design team at the Salt Lake City-based interior design firm Studio…

The Proper Height for Hanging a Dining Room Chandelier

Q: What is the correct mounting height for a fixture over a dining room table? A: First off, I’ll provide a guideline: The bottom of the fixture should be 32 to 36 inches above the tabletop. Now…
Two hanging pendants, one centered and one off center junction box
Photo: Pexels

How to Deal With an Off-Center Junction Box

Q: I can’t find lighting for over my oval dining table. The junction box is 16 inches off the side of the table and can’t be moved because the ceiling is concrete.   A: Yes, you do have a bit of…