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The NPD Group

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Lighting Consumer Research: Illuminating Changes

Your grandpa did business without the internet, but can you? A recent study by The NPD Group’s Checkout E-commerce Tracking service says the lighting industry’s days of poo-pooing the power of e-…
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The E-Commerce Numbers And What They Mean for Furniture/Lighting Retailers

Sell online? Great, online retail is up, especially in the home improvement industry. Don't sell online?  You still need to know the latest e-commerce numbers and what they mean for your business.…
Macy’s green clocks have watched State Street morph into the retail powerhouse it is today, but no retailer or designer is truly safe from the internet’s grasp.

Design Interrupted

In 2005, Marshall Field & Company announced its flagship store on State Street in Chicago would be changed to Macy’s. What would become of the iconic green clocks that overlooked State Street?…
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