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recessed lighting

WAC Aether Atomic recessed lighting
Aether Atomic recessed luminaries are available in new styles.

WAC Lighting Launches New Styles for Aether Atomic

WAC Lighting is at the forefront of architectural lighting technology, launching the latest styles and finishes for Aether Atomic Recessed luminaires. Aether Atomic offers 1/2”, 1” and 1 1/4”…

Recessed Fixtures: The Hole Dilemma

Recessed fixtures have become a standard part of home interiors. Since the 1990s, people have been stuck with what I call the "contractor’s special," which is a grid of 6-inch-diameter downlights per…
Eaton Halo Surface Mount LED Downlight
Eaton Halo Surface Mount LED Downlight

Halo Surface Mount LED Downlight

Eaton's Halo Surface Mount LED downlight can easily and quickly be installed directly into drywall without the need for a recessed housing or a junction box, ideal where plenum space is limited. The…
What's best for stairwell lighting? These are the best stairwell sconce lighting
Estee wall sconce for stairwell lighting from Hudson Valley Lighting's Mitzi Collection

Tips for Stairwell Lighting

What's the Best Way to Configure Stairwell Lighting? Q: Randall, I still see electricians and architects placing recessed cans in the middle of stairways. It is very difficult for homeowners to…
Concrete ceiling lighting ideas for a work space with concrete ceilings and hanging pendants
Photo by Marc Mueller from Pexels

How to Deal With Concrete Ceilings

Q: We have moved into a fantastic high-rise condominium, but we have a problem: The ceilings are concrete and we just have one junction box in the main room. How do we do anything beyond track? A:…
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