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stairwell lighting

stairwell lights
Traditional step lights don’t light stairs evenly, but there are newer options available now that do. Photography by Randall Whitehead.

Best Practices for Stairwell Lighting

Lighting stairways has always been a bit of a challenge. There are many more choices to make today than there used to be. This is a good thing. Which one is the right one for you, though, is the real…
What's best for stairwell lighting? These are the best stairwell sconce lighting
Estee wall sconce for stairwell lighting from Hudson Valley Lighting's Mitzi Collection

Tips for Stairwell Lighting

What's the Best Way to Configure Stairwell Lighting? Q: Randall, I still see electricians and architects placing recessed cans in the middle of stairways. It is very difficult for homeowners to…
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