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Shayla Copas

Erinn Valencich has introduced new materials for Universal Furniture. Shown: Summerland Bed.
Erinn Valencich has introduced new materials for Universal Furniture. Shown: Summerland Bed.

New Looks, New Customers: Style Board

Need a category refresh? A new aesthetic? A new look to a showroom? A marketing partner? For home furnishings vendors, that can often be accomplished by collaborating with an interior designer, an…
Shayla Copas
Shayla Copas is launching a furniture collection with Ambella Home.

Shayla Copas Debuts Ambella Home Collection at High Point Market

Designer, author and style influencer Shayla Copas and home furnishings brand Ambella Home have announced a design collaboration launching at the Fall 2023 High Point Market. The inaugural Shayla…

Setting the Tone: What Influences Designers and Retailers

How do buyers determine the merchandise they are putting on their showroom floor, and then convince their patrons to go from browsing to buying? How do designers sway their clients toward timeless…
Shayla Copas, Prestige Art
Shayla Copas will debut a new art collection with Prestige Art at High Point Market

Shayla Copas Announces Collaboration with Prestige Art and Art Trends

Designer, author and style influencer, Shayla Copas and leading wall décor manufacturer Prestige Arts and Art Trends announce a product collaboration with the launch of a licensed collection at the…
Scott Copas
Scott Copas joins Shayla Copas Lifestyle as COO.

Scott Copas Named COO of Shayla Copas Lifestyle

Shayla Copas, CEO of Shayla Copas Lifestyle and award-winning interior designer, author, and licensed product designer, welcomes the addition of her husband, Scott Copas to serve as COO of the Shayla…
Polywood PW Designer Series
The PW Designer Series of outdoor furniture will feature flexible configurations.

Polywood Launches PW Designer Series Outdoor Furniture

Polywood, which manufactures outdoor furniture made from genuine Polywood lumber, is expanding into new markets with the launch of its PW Designer Series. Entrepreneur Magazine and The Spruce both…

Chelsea House Announces Debut of Shayla Copas Collection

National award-winning designer, author and influencer Shayla Copas announces the launch of her product lines with home decor manufacturer Chelsea House. The Shayla Copas Collection for Chelsea House…
Shayla Copas
Shayla Copas, Interior Designer and Founder of Shayla Copas Interiors, brings her love of color into her luxury design as well as her new product collection with Chelsea House.

Shayla Copas' Organic Path to Product Design

Shayla Copas, founder and lead designer at Shayla Copas Interiors, in Little Rock, AR, is launching her second product collection with Chelsea House, as well as an outdoor upholstery fabric line with…
The Hive Shayla Copas
The Hive team

Shayla Copas Launches Marketing, Public Relations Agency

Shayla Copas, national award-winning interior designer and entertaining author of Four Season of Entertaining announces the launch of an additional brand to her growing line up. The Hive Marketing…
Home Design Business Think Tank
Home Design Business Think Tank Maximizing Profitability

Register for the Home Design Business Think Tank Series: Maximizing Profitability

During this time of coronavirus, it's more important than ever to get creative to attract and connect with the customers and clients that support your design or home furnishings retail business. Get…
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