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Vermont Modern

U.S. Lighting Manufacturers Find Competitive Edge with Custom Designs

The greatest example of what it means to be American may be hanging in foyers, dining rooms and lighting showrooms across the country in the form of U.S.-made lighting fixtures. Each part — from the…
Kiwi Pendant with six lights suspended from two downrods with a branch-like sculpture draped across all lights from Vermont Modern
Vermont Modern Kiwi Pendant

Kiwi Pendant

On the Kiwi pendant, thick hand-blown glass is hung under branches of steel, crafted Vermont Modern's skilled artisans. The glow floods the canopy of branches with a warm light highlighting its…
Hive Pendant made of gold finished honeycombs with one LED light above from Vermont Modern
Vermont Modern Hive Pendant

Hive Pendant

The bee's knees: Vermont Modern's Hive pendant features a delicate three-dimensional weave of steel made to look like honeycombs. The steel can be finished in several different colors.
Ringo LED Swing Arm Wall Sconce with a silver ring and an LED light around the ring in a silver finish from Vermont Modern
Vermont Modern Ringo LED Swing Arm Wall Sconce

Ringo LED Swing Arm Wall Sconce

Vermont Modern's Ringo LED swing arm wall sconce has a handy trick up its sleeve. The arm can swing out in the direction of choice, and the LED light can be tilted up or down for additional lighting…
Hive pendant in gold from Vermont Modern hung in a living room with a violet wall and purple couch
New light fixtures like Hive from Vermont Modern can help turn a rental from sad into spectacular. 

Home Sweet Apartment

While there are plenty who dream of white picket fences and rooms their families can grow into, a growing number of folks are perfectly happy forking over 30 percent of their income each month in…
Monarch pendant with butterfly-fly designs made of steel surrounding each of the three bulbs from Vermont Modern
Vermont Modern Monarch Pendant

Monarch Pendant

Three pendants hang down from a linear suspension to form Vermont Modern's Monarch pendant. Each pendant is created from two sheets of steel, laser cut, shaped and welded to create a “there, not…
Moe's Home Collections' Jennaya chair in a jewel tone
A kiss on the hand may be quite continental, but these jewel-tone pieces are our best friends.

The Family Jewels

Sapphires, rubies and emeralds — oh my! It’s no wonder the precious (and semi-precious) palette has popped up everywhere from fashion runways to floral arrangements this year—and pretty much every…
These pendants fit Millennial styles and needs to a tee.

Pendant Perfect

From Instagram and Alexa to sustainability and artisanal anything, Millennials (folks born from about 1980 to 2000) are bewildering at best. Lucky for all of us, the latest pendants are tuned in to…
Vermont Modern Hook, Vine and Sinker Pendant

Hook, Vine and Sinker Pendant

Vermont Modern's designers and artisans formed a partnership to create each unique hook design of the Hook, Vine and Sinker pendant. Cord color is available in black, red or white.
Vermont Modern Metro Pendant

Metro Pendant

The Metro pendant from Vermont Modern takes inspiration from mass transit maps — minus the pushy crowds. The tubes can be independently rotated to create more depth to the piece and customize it for…
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