With the constant advances in LED technology, these fixtures are gaining popularity. Whether chosen for their longevity, energy efficiency, or sculptural aesthetic, these pieces showcase the latest in lighting technology. Powered on or off, LED lighting makes a statement in any room. This section keeps up with new products and technologies and reports the innovative ways people are now using LED lighting.

LED shelf lighting undercabinet lighting
This collection of Fiestaware is best illuminated from the front because it is solid. Photo by Randall Whitehead.

Shelf Awareness

Q. What is the best way to light shelving? A. First off, you have to think about how translucent or opaque the objects are that you’re trying to illuminate. Solid items, like chinaware and books,…
The four pendant fixtures (Floatation by Ingo Maurer) provide both a decorative element and a source of ambient light for this living room. Recessed adjustable LED fixtures highlight the art, tabletops and sculpture. The two Tizio table lamps by Artemide create little pools of illumination, which draw people up to the seating area. (Photo: Dennis Anderson)

How Can Lighting Make a Living Room More Inviting?

TIP 1: Start with basic biology People are drawn to light like moths are drawn to flame. So, the first rule of thumb is to make the living room the brightest space in the house. Many times, everyone…
The new Amazon Echo Show is just one reason. (Photo: Amazon)

3 Reasons Why 2018 Is the Year of the Smart Home

The year 2018 is expected to be the year of the smart home — the year consumers finally embrace the true smart home movement — and there's good reason to see why. LED bulbs are coming down in price…
All four light fixtures have had all of their bulbs replaced with LED versions. Clear filament LEDs, used in the pendant fixture, help create the interesting pattern of light on the ceiling.

LEDs: Is it Better to Retrofit or Replace?

Tip 1: Know what to ask for Before you decide whether to replace bulbs or replace components, it’s important to know what to be looking for. These points I’ve mentioned before, but I think it’s very…
LED filament bulbs from Philips Lighting
Widespread adoption of LED bulbs is finally here. (Photo: Philips Lighting)

LED Bulb Domination Is Three Years Away, New Report Finds

Retailers and designers, the LED revolution will be here in three years! According to new data from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Energy Star program, LED light bulbs will become…
(Photo: Skram Furniture)

Designer Q&A: Jacob Marks

Jacob Marks founded Skram Furniture in 2001 with the goal of creating a furniture design studio dedicated to quality craftsmanship, sustainability and creating products made to last. We spoke with…

Outdoor LED Today

Across designs, these long and lean modern wall sconces bring character and lasting light to any home exterior.   The sophisticated Dahlia from Kichler comes in an Architectural Bronze finish and…
Dainolite LED Vanity Light

LED Vanity Light

Measuring 27 inches long by six inches wide, the LED vanity light from Dainolite looks sleek in its Polished Chrome finish. The LED bulbs make it an energy efficient lighting option for the bathroom…
Kuzco Lighting Kattari Wall Sconce

Kattari Wall Sconce

The Kattari from Kuzco Lighting features a contemporary curved die-cast aluminum shape. The 18-inch curve is attached to a square mounting plate with concealed fasteners. The LEDs diffuse an even…

Brut Pendant with Condor Arm

Kuzco's single Brut pendant with a bubble encased crystal cylinder can be converted to a wall sconce with the Condor arm, shown here. The pendant is finished in chrome and equipped with 120V, 9W…