6 Ways to Go Above and Beyond with Your Contact Page

A strong contact page has more than just the basics. Here are some easy ways you can set yours apart.

Katie Caron
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One of the basic components of any retailer’s website is a contact page. A standard one should feature the store location, hours and an email address and phone number. But if you want your site to provide the most useful information to your visitors and rank well in search results, you can take some added steps to bring your contact page from average to amazing.

Here are six easy ways you can upgrade your contact page.

1. Verify your information

A simple, but key step is making sure that your store information is listed exactly the same across all platforms. This includes anywhere it appears on your site as well as your Google My Business listing. This continuity is important because it helps search engines like Google better understand and categorize your site. For example, if you have “St.” in your address on one page, make sure it’s the same everywhere else — even “Street” can throw things off. These discrepancies can give your SEO an unnecessary hit, ultimately making it harder for customers in your area to find you. It’s good practice to check up on your contact page info anyway, and you might have changed your store hours or other details since the last time you updated your info.

2. Tell visitors why they should contact you

The main goal of a contact page is to tell visitors how and where to contact you, but a couple of sentences describing why can help you sell your business and its services. Do you offer interior design consultations? Do you offer your space for events?  

Telling your site’s visitors these details helps you make clear what products and services you offer and adds a human touch. You can also include a few more good keywords in the text while you're at it.

3. Embed a Google Map

An embedded Google Map just looks nice and helps visitors get a bird's eye view of where you’re located. for visitors who might not recognize your location right away, a map lets them look around and look for landmarks or streets they may be more familiar with. If you have multiple locations, this can help emphasize the reach of your business.

Google has instructions for how to embed maps here.

4. Write out driving directions

Writing out driving directions to accompany a Google Map can give a more personal, local business touch to your site and is also great for SEO. Including more content on your page that indicates specific locations will help Google properly rank your site for people searching in the areas you serve. Offer written directions from each direction and try to mention as many cities or major landmarks as you can without going overboard.

5. Include an image or two of your business

Featuring an image or two on your contact page can offer some visual interest to offset the text. Including an image of the store exterior can help visitors picture what to look for when heading to your showroom, and an interior shot can offer an idea of what exactly you sell. Or, you might feature a photo of your friendly staff for a more personal touch.  

When you add a photo, make sure to include your business name in the alt text. This is another easy way to score SEO points, so make sure you have your business name, location and a keyword or two to better your SEO (ex: Smith-Lighting-Springfield-Illinois-lighting-showroom).

6. Plug your social media

This may seem like a no-brainer, and you might already promote your social media pages elsewhere on your site. Regardless, include links to your social media accounts on your contact page to give visitors other channels of communication with you. Some people prefer social media messaging over email, so provide as many communication channels as possible to make sure you don't miss an easy opportunity. You may also pick up a few followers while you're at it.

Rather than an afterthought, think of your contact page as a blank canvas, waiting for you to fill it with all the information your customers would need. Taking a few extra steps will make it easier for local consumers to find you and head to your brick-and-mortar.

What do you feature on your contact page? Let us know in the comments!


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