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what does ul listed mean for ul lighting
The Lenny pendant from Arteriors Home has a UL lighting listing for damp/covered outdoor spaces. Here's what that means.
Randall Whitehead, IALD, explains the omnipresent UL designation and what it means for your product offering. Q.: Randall, what is a UL lighting listing, and why is a label from UL required on light… more
Q: I have a client with 4000K LED tape light on top of his cabinets. I need to make it look like 2700K, but I have never dealt with gels or colored lenses. What would you recommend and how would I… more
Q: Since halogens give off more heat, do they present a fire hazard for lamp shades? Will the halogens make the shades deteriorate faster? A: Halogens are twice as hot as standard incandescent lamps… more
bathroom mirror vanity lighting
Photo by Zac Gudakov on Unsplash

The Lighting Doctor explains where to hang a bathroom mirror and sconces above a vanity. 

The Lighting Doctor explains how pendant lighting fixtures and recessed down lights work together to light a two-story room.

Q:What type of ceiling lights should I use for a 20-foot-high family room that has very little wall space and a floor-to-ceiling fireplace? Right now there are 6-inch recessed cans in the ceiling… more
Q. : I always enjoy your columns. One of my favorites was a checklist for approaching kitchen lighting design. Do you have a similar checklist you can provide regarding outdoor lighting? A. : Oh, … more
Randall Whitehead hallway lighting
In this master bath, a floating wood ceiling provides a wire-way for the surface-mounted fixtures.
Q: I'm dealing with a concrete ceiling in a condominium. If I use LED recessed lighting, do I still have to drop a 6-inch soffit? Someone told me that LED cans take up less space than traditional… more
What's best for stairwell lighting? These are the best stairwell sconce lighting
Estee wall sconce for stairwell lighting from Hudson Valley Lighting's Mitzi Collection
What's the Best Way to Configure Stairwell Lighting? Q: Randall, I still see electricians and architects placing recessed cans in the middle of stairways. It is very difficult for homeowners to… more
Two hanging pendants, one centered and one off center junction box
Photo: Pexels
Q: I can’t find lighting for over my oval dining table. The junction box is 16 inches off the side of the table and can’t be moved because the ceiling is concrete.   A: Yes, you do have a bit of the… more

Indirect lighting and improved recess lighting can fix a poorly lit fireplace.

bathroom lighting fixtures
Clean and sophisticated, Golden Lighting’s Juliette LED bath bars offer even illumination when placed on either side of a mirror.

With mirror lighting, the height and distance between fixtures are more important measurements than how far from the mirror.

Q: When using 4-inch LED recessed lights, what spacing between fixtures would you recommend with an 8-foot ceiling height? A: What is the room that you are lighting being used for? How is the… more
Q: You’ve mentioned that recessed lights aren’t the most flattering, so is there a balance to shoot for between recessed and ambient? In one of your blogs someone asked you about lighting for a long… more
130V light bulb
Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash

The Lighting Doctor outlines the pros and cons of using 130V light bulbs.

Q: I am changing the old fluorescent tubes in my kitchen to new recessed LED lights. My original estimate included the installation of 6-inch cans, trim and lights, but now the electrician tells me… more
Q: Just as I understand the concept of color temperature (Kelvin), now CRI is being bandied about as LEDs come into the market. What is it exactly? A: I am right there with you. From the beginning… more
Q: How important is color temperature in ambient lighting? Should this be a concern if you are using fluorescents or LEDs for your ambient lighting? A: Frankly, I think color temperature is… more
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