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Consumer Reports

Laptop, smart phone, notebook and pen on a black desk
Photo: Pexels

Be an Expert: How to Build Customer Relationships By Being an Online Resource

Every day, your sales associates help customers find products, explain warranties and answer questions of all types, and while your customer service may be exceptional in-store, that doesn't mean…
Dresser with four coffee cups on top in front of a teal wall
Photo: Pexels

What Showrooms Should Know About Consumer Report's Research on Furniture Tip-overs

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), part of Consumer Reports (CR) which publishes news and research regarding product safety, news and developments for consumers, released new research…
Phillips Collection's Geometry tables are handcrafted from natural Chamcha wood.

Why Do I Care What It’s Made Of?

When designers look at a sofa, they notice the color of the fabric, the shape of the arms and the materials used to hold it all together. When clients look at a couch, they might consider the color…
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