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Google Analytics

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4 Free Data Tools Necessary For a Strong Digital Marketing Campaign

Earlier this year, we outlined four easy steps to building a strong digital marketing strategy. Once you’ve established your web tools — your website, email list and social media platforms — it’s…
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3 Vital Insights Hiding in Your Business's Data

No matter the date or time of day, your business is collecting data on your consumers. In your store, your POS system records your transactions. Online, your website monitors visitors day and night,…
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The Complete Digital Marketing Reference Guide for Small Businesses

In the March issue of Lighting & Decor, we're laying out a four-step plan to help lighting and home furnishings retailers and interior designers build a solid digital marketing strategy — a…
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5 Free Marketing Tools You Need in Your Life

If you run all of your own digital marketing and social media efforts, you know how important it is to use your time efficiently while putting your best foot forward. Thankfully, there’s a whole…
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3 Signs Your Showroom Website is Outdated

It's common knowledge that first impressions make the biggest impressions. Before the internet, most consumers made their first impressions of home furnishing and lighting showrooms when they walked…
Learn how to reach your SEO goals.

The Anatomy of Google Analytics

No search engine optimization (SEO) tool available can match the powerhouse that is Google Analytics. A free program powered by the search engine giant, Google Analytics tracks everything from bounce…
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