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Photo: DJVSTOCK via Adobe Stock

5 Steps to Blogging Smarter, Not Harder

Regular blogging does wonders for a website’s SEO, driving customers at all stages of the buying process to your website. It can boost your website in search results, and it can help you attract…
Computer with graphs and tablet with calendar
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3 Vital Insights Hiding in Your Business's Data

No matter the date or time of day, your business is collecting data on your consumers. In your store, your POS system records your transactions. Online, your website monitors visitors day and night,…

Highlights from the 2018 Design Bloggers Conference

The 2018 Design Bloggers Conference brought design lovers and bloggers from all across the U.S. (and the globe really) to Los Angeles for a three-day event. From March 4-6, attendees gathered at the…

Nourison Launches Rug Blog

Nourison has launched a new design inspiration blog titled “The Rug Edit” at https://www.therugedit.com. This new blog is written to provide design inspiration and information to the interior design…
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Millennials want good furniture. It's up to the industry to teach them how to buy. (Photo: Caracole)

5 Blog Topics to Teach Millennials About Buying Furniture

The comments sections of news articles can be some of the most enlightening places on the internet (provided you stay off hard news comment sections). A comment from the article "Why Does This Couch…
The key to a good blog is good topics. (Photo: NOGRAN s.r.o.)
The key to a good blog is good topics. (Photo: NOGRAN s.r.o.)

3 Tips for Blog Topic Brainstorming

It's finally time. You have your computer opened, and the cursor blinks up at you from the blank word document. Now all you need to do is write your blog, but the minute you raise your fingers to…
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