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Connie Post

Brown Squirrel furniture
Retail Strategist Connie Post gets to the cruxe of luxe in home furnishings retail at Brown Squirrel, in Knoxville, TN.

Brown Squirrel Upgrades Presentation, Increases Revenue

The key to a successful luxury presentation is context. Take Brown Squirrel Furniture in Knoxville, TN, a full-line furniture store that literally sits across the parking lot from the corporate…
HOM Gabberts
The grand entrance to Gabberts in HOM’s Little Canada, MN store complex was designed by Connie Post, with an 18-foot faux fireplace flanked by see-through window grids for a striking and very upscale, glamorous look.

High-End Home Furnishings Inventory Leads to Big Profits

Despite the near weekly headlines about store closings across the country, Andy Bernstein, Founder of FurnitureDealer.net, is convinced that “we’ve passed the mid-point of the so-called retail…

Connie Post to Reimagine HFA Retail Resource Center

Retail strategist Connie Post and her Affordable Design team have been chosen to re-imagine the Home Furnishings Association (HFA) Retail Resource Center. The new, expanded space will be unveiled at…

Connie Post to Design New Furniture Connection Store

Retail strategist Connie Post and Affordable Design Solutions have been engaged by Furniture Connection to design the retailer’s new, 46,000-square-foot store from the ground up.  Based in…
Garden City Furniture rebranding
Garden City Furniture's new truck skins reflect the retailer's rebranding efforts.

Garden City Furniture Rolls Out New Logo Design

As part of a multi-year refresh and renovation, retail strategist Connie Post has created a new logo package for Garden City Furniture that is rolling out across the marketplace thanks to eye-…

Connie Post Designs RP Outlet

Retail strategist Connie Post has designed a new format for The RoomPlace aimed at broadening the merchant’s appeal with a new shopping experience focusing on value-priced product. Branded RP Outlet…
Jean Liu Closing Time
Jean Liu’s “Closing Time.”

Art of the Table: Designers Breathe New Life into Dining with Vintage China

On today’s menu: vintage china. An increasing number of tables in homes and, surprisingly enough, some of the hottest restaurants and cafes across the country, are being dressed in lovely, heirloom…
blue chair
(Photo: nastazia - stock.adobe.com)

Furniture Consumer Research: Mind the Gap

To get a better read on the buying public’s mindset heading into the new year, the Furniture, Lighting & Decor research team surveyed consumers across the country about what matters to them in…
AdobeStock Living room
(Photo: arsdigital - stock.adobe.com)

How Retailers Meet the Demand for Personalized Design

Consumers are starting to discover what those in the industry have long known: Furniture and fashion can make an equally powerful statement, and a look that exemplifies your unique aesthetic and…
Interior of a furniture store attached to a mall
Stacked pallets topped with light green Plexiglass form a central fashion runway through the center of the store and invite exploration.

Location, Location, Location: How Empty Malls Are Becoming Prime Spaces for Furniture Retailers

When it comes to retail news, it’s difficult to escape the number of mall-store closings and blaring reports of the demise of the mall as a viable concept.  Yet, retail strategist Connie Post — a…
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