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radiant® Wireless Charger

Legrand's new radiant® wireless charger instantly provides a convenient, clutter-free option to charge at home or in the office. Designed to replace any standard outlet, installation is quick and…

808 Enter Hooker Furniture High Point Social Media Contest

Hooker Furniture Corp. hosted a social media contest during the Spring High Point Market to give consumers insight into the latest design trends in the furniture industry. The contest is part of an…
Three RELAMP printed LED bulbs in purple, multi-color and blue
Photo: Jess Schaack

Design Q&A: Relamp, The Printed Light Bulb

Over the last few years, the Edison bulb trend dominated at Lightovation and market centers across the country. So many companies from Hinkley to Stylecraft to Mitzi created fixtures designed to…
Pinterest pin of a dining room
Photo: Pinterest

The Anatomy of an Optimized Pinterest Pin

Last year, Pinterest reported that 60 percent of pinners say the platform has influenced their home decor purchase decisions. To capture their attention and convert pins to sales, it’s important to…
Computer with graphs and tablet with calendar
Photo: Pexels

3 Vital Insights Hiding in Your Business's Data

No matter the date or time of day, your business is collecting data on your consumers. In your store, your POS system records your transactions. Online, your website monitors visitors day and night,…

Home Smarts

Back in March, I attended the bi-annual Light + Building fair in Frankfurt, Germany. The show’s tagline, “digital future meets hotspot for design,” accurately depicts the emphasis on both…
Two Amazon Echo dots on a blue background
Photo: Amazon

What Amazon's Alexa Blueprints Means for Smart Homes

When Amazon first released the Echo with its voice assistant Alexa, many consumers thought "Yeah, this is cool, but do I really need this?" While consumers can connect to their Echo via bluetooth,…
Laptop, smart phone, notebook and pen on a black desk
Photo: Pexels

Be an Expert: How to Build Customer Relationships By Being an Online Resource

Every day, your sales associates help customers find products, explain warranties and answer questions of all types, and while your customer service may be exceptional in-store, that doesn't mean…
Lighting design Monstera Deliciosa in the palace Palazzo di Napoli in the heart of Palermo.
Award-winning Monstera Deliciosa designed by Massimiliano Moro

The LIT Design Award Winners: What the Judges Think and What We Think

The 1st Annual International Competition for Lighting Product Design and Implementation kicked off this year, welcoming lighting submissions from manufacturers, designers and practicers from all…
newsletter graphic how to create a good newsletter
Graphic by Pixabay user raphaelsilva

5 Tips for Creating a Compelling Newsletter

Although video is all the rage, and podcasts are the hot new thing, don’t underestimate the power of an effective newsletter. A tool to connect with your audience, a newsletter can help build trust…