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Two Amazon Echo dots on a blue background
Photo: Amazon

What Amazon's Alexa Blueprints Means for Smart Homes

When Amazon first released the Echo with its voice assistant Alexa, many consumers thought "Yeah, this is cool, but do I really need this?" While consumers can connect to their Echo via bluetooth,…
Laptop, smart phone, notebook and pen on a black desk
Photo: Pexels

Be an Expert: How to Build Customer Relationships By Being an Online Resource

Every day, your sales associates help customers find products, explain warranties and answer questions of all types, and while your customer service may be exceptional in-store, that doesn't mean…
Lighting design Monstera Deliciosa in the palace Palazzo di Napoli in the heart of Palermo.
Award-winning Monstera Deliciosa designed by Massimiliano Moro

The LIT Design Award Winners: What the Judges Think and What We Think

The 1st Annual International Competition for Lighting Product Design and Implementation kicked off this year, welcoming lighting submissions from manufacturers, designers and practicers from all…
newsletter graphic how to create a good newsletter
Graphic by Pixabay user raphaelsilva

5 Tips for Creating a Compelling Newsletter

Although video is all the rage, and podcasts are the hot new thing, don’t underestimate the power of an effective newsletter. A tool to connect with your audience, a newsletter can help build trust…
C by GE Sol lamp
C by GE’s Sol lamp is the industry’s first Amazon Alexa-integrated lighting product. It combines functional illumination, visual indicators for everyday tasks, and personal assistant capabilities without the need for a standalone Alexa device.

2018: Year of the Smart Home, Part 1

When you think about Amazon’s top sellers, you may consider books, or even a toy. Wait, maybe a video game?  Actually, during the 2017 holiday season, its top seller was none of the above. It was…
Pexels woman holding cell phone
You don't need fancy equipment to take your video strategy to the next level. (Photo: Unsplash user Charlz Gutiérrez De Piñeres)

3 Easy Ways to Incorporate Video Into Your Marketing

By 2021, research from Cisco estimates that video streaming will comprise 81 percent of all web traffic. Research from HubSpot shows that 53 percent of consumers want to see more video content from…
pexels computer photos
Photo: Pexels

4 Tools For Creating Social Media Visuals

Whether you’re posting a promotion, announcing event details or wishing your customers a happy holiday, images are a great way to share messages across your social media channels. Visuals are much…
Whiteboard with tasks organized by weeks written on it
Get off the whiteboard and onto the internet. (Photo: Startup Stock Photos from Pexels)

4 Online Project Management Tools That Actually Manage

Are these scenarios familiar: An annoyed customer calls for the second time to ask why an associate didn't follow up on her question. The second part of an order was never placed, and now the…
pexels data sheet
Photo: Pexels user Lukas

3 Answers to Your Questions on Creating Customer Surveys

When it comes to getting customer feedback, you may casually ask patrons questions in your store and look at your online reviews from time to time. But if you want to truly gauge how your business is…
Tempaper Kimono wallpaper
The Kimono wallpaper from Tempaper channels a vintage chinoiserie look.

It’s Classic

At a time when contemporary furniture, edgy LED fixtures and minimalistic, modern style has permeated mainstream home decor, there is a still a yearning for traditional design. In fact, all signs…