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How to Remember to Post on Social Media

How often has this scenario happened to you? You plan to post something to Facebook as soon as you get to your showroom office. But once you get there, a sales associate asks you a question. Then a…
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Ready to hit the ground running on your digital marketing goals this year? Here are the tools you'll need. (Photo: Pexels)

5 Inexpensive Marketing Tools and How to Use Them

If you teared up at this Heineken commercial or followed the fine print on a dollop of butter to reveal a secret message from Denny’s, you know as well as anyone that great marketing can be…
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4 Tips for Finding Instagram Hashtags

When it comes to posting on Instagram, you know it’s important to devote as much time as necessary to snapping and editing your photo or video to get it just right. Lighting, framing, filters and…