Marketing Your Business

Whether retailer or designer, business grows when consumers know where and how to find you. We're sharing the tips and strategies for marketing your business online and off. 

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How to Remember to Post on Social Media

How often has this scenario happened to you? You plan to post something to Facebook as soon as you get to your showroom office. But once you get there, a sales associate asks you a question. Then a…
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4 Steps to Being Authentic Online

In a world of fake news and data breaches, people are increasingly looking for sources they can trust when they go online. For small businesses, this means one component of your online presence and…
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Why You Should Switch to an Instagram for Business Account

When you originally set up your company’s Instagram account, you might not have realized that Instagram offers a Business profile option. Instagram for Business offers countless benefits, like…
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How to Make Storytelling Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Everybody loves a good story, and if you’re a business owner, you should get good at telling them. Storytelling marketing is a long-term digital strategy that establishes a human connection with…
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4 Ways to Improve Your Instagram Stories

With more than 300 million people using Instagram stories each day, the platform has a significant marketing potential for any business. More than 2 million businesses are active on Instagram stories…
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Be an Expert: How to Build Customer Relationships By Being an Online Resource

Every day, your sales associates help customers find products, explain warranties and answer questions of all types, and while your customer service may be exceptional in-store, that doesn't mean…
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How to Use Instagram Stories in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

When Instagram stories first debuted in 2016, the reaction among many app users seemed lukewarm. We already had Snapchat, the app that similarly lets users share disappearing photos and videos. But…
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How to Build a Basic Digital Marketing Strategy in Four Easy Steps

A digital marketing strategy is a plan to build your digital presence in order to increase traffic to your website and ultimately to your store. You don’t need to have a background in marketing,…
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4 Signs It’s Time For a Rebrand

You may think of strong branding as something reserved for giants like Coca-Cola, but businesses of all sizes can focus on creating a distinct brand identity. Your branding can tell potential…
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5 Tips for Creating a Compelling Newsletter

Although video is all the rage, and podcasts are the hot new thing, don’t underestimate the power of an effective newsletter. A tool to connect with your audience, a newsletter can help build trust…