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Marketing Your Business

Whether retailer or designer, business grows when consumers know where and how to find you. We're sharing the tips and strategies for marketing your business online and off. 

Retail Road Trip: Denver

Urban Lights In 1976, David Nestor opened Foothills Lighting in Denver. In 2010, after being out of the lighting game for nine years and now in the middle of a recession, he opened Urban Lights. The…

How Augmented Reality Is Fueling Online Sales at Houzz

Augmented reality (AR) has shown it has the power to influence shoppers, and now Houzz has its own numbers to back that up. During his keynote address at Internet Retailer Conference + Exhibition…
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Photo from Pexels.com, Studio 7042

Having Fun With Email Marketing

It’s said creativity is intelligence having fun. So who’s ready for fun? As the lighting, decor and furnishings industry is home to so many highly creative people, here’s a look at how to channel…
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Website and E-Newsletter V. Social Media: Which Should You Prioritize?

We asked Leslie Carothers, CEO of The Kaleidoscope Partnership, speaker and expert on strategic planning and social media, for insight on how retailers and designers can balance their website and…

3 Things We Love About Our Showroom of the Year Finalists

Each year, the Showroom of the Year awards honor lighting showrooms across North America who demonstrate a strong commitment to excellence, customer service and their communities, and each year, the…
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3 Tips for Answering Q&As on Your Google My Business Page

Your lighting or home furnishings showroom has a solid Google My Business page with your address, hours of operation and phone number, and as long as that information doesn't change, your page…
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Photo: it's me neosiam from Pexels

How to Remember to Post on Social Media

How often has this scenario happened to you? You plan to post something to Facebook as soon as you get to your showroom office. But once you get there, a sales associate asks you a question. Then a…
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(Photo: Unsplash user rawpixel)

4 Steps to Being Authentic Online

In a world of fake news and data breaches, people are increasingly looking for sources they can trust when they go online. For small businesses, this means one component of your online presence and…
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Why You Should Switch to an Instagram for Business Account

When you originally set up your company’s Instagram account, you might not have realized that Instagram offers a Business profile option. Instagram for Business offers countless benefits, like…
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Photo: cheremuha - stock.adobe.com

How to Make Storytelling Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Everybody loves a good story, and if you’re a business owner, you should get good at telling them. Storytelling marketing is a long-term digital strategy that establishes a human connection with…
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