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Whether retailer or designer, business grows when consumers know where and how to find you. We're sharing the tips and strategies for marketing your business online and off. 

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How to Get Useful Feedback and Reviews From Customers

No matter how successful your business is, seeking customer feedback should be a fundamental part of your operations. Without consistent input, you’ll lack honest perspective on everything from how…
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How to Know When Your Website Needs a Refresh

In the home design industry, trends come and go over the course of a few market seasons. Website design follows a similar pattern. As Google updates its algorithms every year or so and web users…

Highlights from the 2018 Design Bloggers Conference

The 2018 Design Bloggers Conference brought design lovers and bloggers from all across the U.S. (and the globe really) to Los Angeles for a three-day event. From March 4-6, attendees gathered at the…

How Shipping Can Make — Or Break — An Online Sale

You can thank Amazon for setting consumer shipping expectations. For those enrolled in Amazon Prime, free shipping — free two-day shipping to be more specific — is the norm, and while that's not true…
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4 Tools For Creating Social Media Visuals

Whether you’re posting a promotion, announcing event details or wishing your customers a happy holiday, images are a great way to share messages across your social media channels. Visuals are much…
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Wayfair Professional is latest digital tool for interior designers.

3 Things You Don’t Know About Wayfair Professional (But Probably Should)

Looking for a coffee table under $200? Do you need it yesterday? It’s hard to deny the allure of Wayfair. One of the world’s largest e-commerce companies specializing in home furnishings, the…
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3 Answers to Your Questions on Creating Customer Surveys

When it comes to getting customer feedback, you may casually ask patrons questions in your store and look at your online reviews from time to time. But if you want to truly gauge how your business is…
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4 Easy Ways to Start Learning More About SEO

If the words "digital marketing," "SEO" and "social media marketing" make your eyes glaze over and your hearing go fuzzy, you are not alone. Digital marketing seems to have grown overnight, changing…
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DC Adams Morgan retail streetscape. (Photo: Brett VA via Flickr)

How to Take Advantage of 2018's Expected Retail Growth

Monday started off with good retail news from the U.S. Census Bureau. Preliminary estimates from the Bureau show that retail sales went up to $3.53 trillion in 2017, up 3.9 percent from 2016.…
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The Complete Digital Marketing Reference Guide for Small Businesses

In the March issue of Lighting & Decor, we're laying out a four-step plan to help lighting and home furnishings retailers and interior designers build a solid digital marketing strategy — a…